Bespoke furnaces and R&D pre-pre trials

All furnaces built by Advanced Furnace Technology are fully bespoke. We work closely with our customers to ensure that each furnace is built to the customer’s exact requirements.

We manufacture high temperature process furnaces for the material science sector and specialise in custom built bespoke equipment, working with gas flow, vacuum or pressure.

Advance Furnace Technology offer full R&D pre-trials for a customer’s process, as well as high temperature development work within our in-house processing department.

Information required for a bespoke furnace:

  • Material to be used in the furnace, including any known reactions
  • Operating temperature
  • Volatility of sample at temperature
  • Cleanliness of furnace environment
  • Type of furnace chamber: horizontal, vertical, bottom or top loading
  • Shape and size of the hot zone: square or round
  • Instrumentation required


Typical furnaces built by Advanced Furnace Technology include:

  • Chemical vapour deposition (CVD):
    • Pyrolytic graphite, boron nitride, aluminium oxide, tungsten and tungsten carbide, silicon carbide, CVD fluidised bed for nuclear industry
  • Chemical vapour infiltration (CVI):
    • Sintering furnaces with temperatures of up to 3000C
    • Graphite purification furnaces
    • Ceramic annealing furnaces for alumina substrates
    • Metal crystal growth research systems
    • Annealing furnaces for semiconductors and metals
    • Siliconising furnaces for composites and porous sintered compounds
    • High temperature/pressure heat exchangers used for gas annealing and pressure testing
    • Semiconductor crystal growth systems

Advanced Furnace Technology is the leading provider of susceptor management for the MOCVD semiconductor device manufacturing sector. We’re also pyrolytic graphite coating and bulk material developers.