Bespoke furnaces, susceptor management and PG coating and bulk material

Advanced Furnace Technology has over 30 years experience manufacturing bespoke high temperature process furnaces for the material sciences sector. Our success is due to providing our customers with the quality, reliability and also the confidentiality they expect.

MOCVD Susceptor Management

Advanced Furnace Technology also provides a unique susceptor management service to virtually all of the MOCVD semiconductor device manufacturers worldwide. Using this service gives the highest practical level of cleanliness, while still ensuring that your susceptors are process ready when required.

Pyrolitic Graphite

Advanced Furnace Technology has over 20 years experience in this area. We achieved the SMART award (Small firms Merit Award for Research and Technology) two years running in 1994 and 1995. We provide an ultra-pure pyrolytic graphite which is near theoretical density and extremely anisotropic as a result of its layered structure.

We’re able to offer both PG coating of isotropic graphites and solid PG bulk material.

Advance Furnace Technology offer full research and development pre-trails for a customer’s process, as well as high temperature development work within our in-house processing department.