We pack all graphite parts in foil bags surrounded by a dry nitrogen envelope.

AFTech uses a two stage packing process for all clean graphite, PG coated graphite or purified graphite.

First, the parts are vacuum packed in custom made foil bags. This packing is carried out in our hyper-clean room environment to prevent any contamination of the cleaned parts.

Next, the foil bag is placed in a heavy gauge polythene bag, surrounded by a dry nitrogen envelope, and heat sealed to minimise contact with atmospheric gases.

This packing process is stable and secure, the tough outer bag offers protection during transit and extends the shelf life of your graphite by up to 6 months.

We recommend shipping all parts in their original packaging, where possible, and always advise packing individual parts in a heavy-weight bag which is taped shut or heat sealed. 

For extra security, we recommend shipping using either rugged plastic or aluminium flight case with foam inserts to protect your parts during transportation. If you’re considering purchasing an off-the-shelf case or custom made case, it’s worth remembering the size restrictions that couriers have for shipping goods as a parcel vs freight.

Fast Turnaround and Easy processing

Our standard service guarantees goods will be cleaned and dispatched back to you within 7 days from receipt of the consignment, with a completed customer action list and a purchase order.

Orders from outside Europe can be sent on a Temporary Import Basis, so there is no need for import tax and duties, however, most couriers charge a handling fee for this service which is approximately £21 or $32.

If you are unfamiliar with this procedure, Advanced Furnace Technology can assist you with this and provide all the information you will require for a smooth transportation process.

All shipments are returned on a ‘receiver pays’ basis charged to your account and you are responsible for insuring all goods during transport to and from AFTech.

If you have any questions regarding our packing or the necessary import/export paperwork, please do not hesitate to get in touch on +44 (0) 1223 461 321 or email us at enquiries@advancedft.com. We are happy to help.