We specialise in cleaning and extending the life of your epitaxy furnace parts.

Advanced Furnace Technology (AFTech) are experts at cleaning all types of graphite and SiC coated graphite used in semiconductor device manufacturing.

Pioneers in susceptor management services, we specialise in prolonging the useful life of your MOCVD / MOVPE chamber components by removing deposits of III-V materials and nitrides, resulting in the highest practical level of cleanliness.

AFTech refurbishes epitaxial furnace parts, using a proprietary dry gas vacuum process at high temperature, to remove all traces of compound semiconductor materials and dopants.

Reduce costs and improve efficiency

Our service simplifies the cleaning and extends the useful life of your graphite susceptor parts. Compatible with the removal of III-V compounds and dopants, our cleaning process improves your reactor efficiency by minimising impurities within the MOCVD chamber.

We use a two-stage cleaning cycle, the first to remove all deposits from the surface of your parts, the second to purify and outgas the components, restoring your graphite to a reactor ready state. Refined over many years, we guarantee a consistency to our service, meaning that you can reliably produce the same results time and time again.

Minimise on reactor downtime with our seven-day turnaround and ensure your susceptors are process ready when required. Plus reduce the costs of MOCVD processing by not having to keep large stocks of graphite, or frequently replace your susceptor parts.

We regularly clean Veeco and Aixtron reactor parts, as well as cleaning susceptors from emerging manufacturers, and bespoke chamber parts for custom furnaces. We clean Graphite, PG Coated Graphite, Glassy Carbon, SiC Coated Graphite, Molybdenum, Quartz and Tungsten Coated Graphite parts.

Once cleaned, each part is individually packed and labelled in two airtight bags to minimise the absorption of atmospheric gases and ensure safe transit. Find out more about our packing and freight process here.

Other services

We offer a repair and restoration service for damaged parts and a Pyro-G (pyrolytic graphite) coating/refurbishment service. We also provide a graphite purification service for removing trace metals and outgassing of all types of graphite.