A unique process for the production of Pyrolytic Graphite coatings.

AFTech offers a proprietary deposition process for coating surfaces with pyrolised graphite, producing very fine high purity, non-porous coatings of up to 50 microns thick.

Pyrolytic Graphite (Pyro-G) is unique in its high strength, density and hardness to low porosity properties. Used extensively in the MOCVD / MBE and PV industries, it is known for being virtually impermeable to liquids and gases, resistant to acids and for having a high thermal conductivity.

High purity, high density and very low porosity

The unique properties of a Pyrolytic Graphite coating come from its layered composition and the crystallographic alignment within each layer.

Displaying high thermal conductivity along one plane, but low thermal conductivity across another, and high and low electrical conductivity in other planes, the anisotropic properties of PG coatings give it many valuable characteristics.  

Its non-porous nature makes a coated graphite part virtually impervious to gas and liquid and highly acid resistant, protecting your components and preventing unwanted reactions and gas absorption.

A PG coating reduces graphite’s permeability to reactive products to a minimum, further enhancing its resistance to reactive products and the harsh environments of an MOCVD chamber.

Prior to coating with Pyrolytic Graphite, we advise you use our graphite purification service and if you’re coating a used part, then we always recommend you clean and outgas the graphite first.